Bussiness log file

i am running previous code which i got it from git and i am facing this error while running how to rectify it

@prathik_8679 Make sure you are giving the right path to access that file. If possible print that path in a message box ad see what it is giving

here in throw i can see error

@prathik_8679 Can you check what is the condition before this Throw activity. Try to run the code in debug so that lt helps you to identify the exact issue where occuring

file exists
= false

and if the path is wrong, than how can i get the right path

@prathik_8679 That means bot was not able to access the file. The reason could be

  • BOT might don’t have access to that file or
  • The given path was wrong

Can you check with your team what could be the right path. or Create a folder locally and see if the same issue persists

i kept required files and after placing them error log.invalid got cleared and now i am facing another error

Hi @prathik_8679

Can you share the expression and screenshot of your workflow


Where did you face error in the ss @prathik_8679

after debugging i can see the first error is starting from here