BusinessException doesn't want to assign?


May i know at which activity this error comes and a screenshot of that activity pls
Cheers @Soudios

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May I know What was mentioned in TO property of that assign activity
Don’t mention BusinessException as a variable name as it is a Keyword
Instead create a variable of it and then assign as nothing

Cheers @Soudios

First create the variable of type (UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException ), then assign it.

Maybe its because in my throw is “new BusinessRuleException” ??


The first part seems ok now after you have declared the variable.
However if you have a try catch logic you must define them. the compiler is expecting the catch block.
Like below:

On the second screenshot, i guess that is where you have thrown the exception based on your previous check which is fine.

thank you, but how can i add BusinessRuleException on Catches plz ?

in the catches, exception section browse and search for UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException


Then add your assign.

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