Business Unit Field In SAML SSO Configuration

Resolution when Business Unit field is missing from the SAML SSO Configuration.

Issue Description:

In Automation Hub -> Manage Access -> Users, there are different attributes: first name, last name, job title, business unit, city, etc.

Most of them are appearing in the Automation Cloud Security Settings section (SAML SSO Configuration -> provisioning setting), but the business unit is not present.

It is possible to add this field in the attribute mapping?


Currently, Automation Hub cannot retrieve the Business Unit from SAML to populate it in the Automation Hub user profile.

Basically, the Business Unit is not a generic attribute field that is exposed in a SAML configuration. For this reason, it can not be seen in Automation Cloud, and it remains empty in Automation Hub.

Still, this requirement is already on the roadmap for this year. Our recommendation would be to keep an eye on the Release notes in order to find out when exactly this feature will be implemented: UiPath Release Notes .

Until then, that value will need to be manually populated in Automation Hub since it cannot be retrieved from the SAML integration.