Business Rule Exception : How to Skip typing values in web page field if data not found and continue with further execution?

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Please help me with this query.

Business Exception Rule : If First Name is empty, Skip entering the values into the web Page Fields, Type “Skipped” in Status Column of Excel and continue executing with the next Row values accordingly.

Please check If I have done correctly or not . Refer below screenshots.


Any Help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Vaishnav_Tej,

The flow looks fine. If the report is not true, please put the write cell out of the if. Write cell is already in the business exception state in set trancastion status. Can you try it?


Hello I didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate?

Actually I dont understand the problem, is there a problem or are you just asking the flow?

I’m trying to enter values into the Web Page

The values are fetch from the Excel Sheet.

I have to apply a business rule exception. i.e: If the First Name Value is found empty in the excel sheet, Robot should not enter the remaining values. It should just skip that whole row.
So basically, Robot should enter values of 3 rows. and skip rest of the 2 rows as they don’t have First Name.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,

have you use “Update Row Item” Activity, check below workflow


I have used Write Cell activity inside Business Exception in If Condition as shown below


I guess it should work.

Yes, because this is working perfectly for successful transactions.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej
Please update the if condition:
If transaction “isNOT nothing” instead of “is Nothing” and try again.

Yes I have tried . But still same issue is occuring.

Can you share the code sample?

Main.xaml (69.6 KB)

Please share the whole zipped project. We can’t open the main xaml. (962.4 KB)

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Hi, @Vaishnav_Tej

You can create a variable of type BusinessRuleException : BusinessMessage
Then replace through with a assign activity as BusinessMessage=New BusinessRuleException(“YourBusinessRuleExceptionMessage”)

When all field filling is completed then you can use if activity to check BusinessMessage as follows

if :
BusinessMessage isNot Nothoing
then :
Use throw activity as with BusinessMessage as input to throw.

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Hi @Vaishnav_Tej
Try this: (1003.8 KB)

Did you test the workflow?
Are the business exceptions correctly logged to the excel file?