Business partner automation

Hi everyone,
I am trying to automate in business partner --> Supplier Fin Accounting --> vendor: Ctry Spec Enhancements
The bot is running fine and the sap system is informing ‘changes have been saved’ after entry of each record (which i’m taking it from an excel file)
But when i go and check in the backend, the data is not updated.
can anyone help me out with it please?

As per my understand first check one data entry manually whether sap system is storing data in db and check in back end… may application issue. If that is working fine we need to check in bot side…

when i checked for one entry it worked fine…as in if there is only one record in excel it works fine
but if there are multiple records to be updated it doesnt work… And i compared the manual process to the bot process, everything seems to be the same

will the bot pick the second record from excel… or else are you get the txn item from queue… better try with queue with 10 items and check its reflect in back end or not.

It picks all the records from excel only… and when the bot is running the data is being entered in the fields and the pop up comes that changes are being saved …but the data is not reflecting in the backend…
i will however try it with the queue approach…Thanks a lot!!