Business Exception and End Process

Hello everyone,

I’m using Re-Framework structure and i’m stuck somewhere. I’m dealing with BusinessException in Process State. I changed default version of this part and when program is getting businessEx. it throws business with message box . It does not go end process. Normally when business occurs, the program should go bussiness error arrow right so, why am i getting message box ? After message box, the program is closed.

NOT : My End Process State the Business arrow goes to end process. In default version the arrow goes the Get Transaction Data.

Thank you.

Hello @yigit.aybey ,

Kindly share the screenshot of your RE Frame work for better understanding.

However as per your question we understood that before process goes to End State in gives a message box.
Reason : Check your Set Transaction status or End Process (Even in side Set transaction status - Business exception block) you might have added a message box there).
Or Run the code in debug mode and verify the execution path.


Hello @yigit.aybey

Is this a customized framework? Did someone add message box somewhere in the Reframework?

What you can do is , run the workflow in debug mode by enabling the Highlight element.
Then remove the messagebox.