Bulk Upload to Database Using UiPath

This is my first encounter with Insert into Database using UiPath.
I have a use case where I have to insert bulk excel files to different databases in multiple tables. These excel files have millions of records of dynamic data. I am using MySQL DBMS. What are the best options available in UiPath without affecting performance & saving me from writing thousand queries?
Please guide.

Thank you for your time!!

Hi Sadia1,

Under UiPath.Database.Activities package, You can do two options:

  1. By using Insert Activity, Read your excel then provide the input parameter as datatable. (much faster)
  2. By using Execute Non Query Activity, then specifying the INSERT statement and loop per record from Excel.

Thanks for the input Emman. I tried both these activities but found that they will work fine until the records are limited & validated as per database.Also if insertion is done once or twice in a day. My requirement is for a very large dynamic amount of data which regularly have to be inserted. I think I need a more advanced solution.

Hope you have already resolved this, just for other peoples reference.
This can be resolved by providing “bulkadmin” role to the SQL login which is being used by bot.


  1. Connect to SQL server database.
  2. Expand Securities > Logins
  3. Select the login being used by bot, and right click to go to Properties
  4. From “Select a Page” tab select “Server Roles” and check "bulkadmin"role
  5. Done
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I am not able to find securities tab ?? could u help me by sending a screenshot