Bulk Update Activity

I’ve been trying to use the Bulk upload activity to change a column status into an oracle DB and i keep on getting the below Error:
“bulk update : Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
Any idea what could be the reason for that?


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Did you give input for the activity
Table name correctly

Hi @danielarosenn

This means some variable that you are using is not having value or is NULL can you please check that


Hello @danielarosenn

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This error happens when some variable is null during the exceution. Here you need to confirm whether the datatable is having some value or not. Also even if the datatable is null and you need to override the error then declare the datatable variable as below.

Dt=New Datatable

Where is Dt is the Datatable variable.


Hey! thanks for the reply!
is there a way to avoid the null values? cause i do need them to stay null in the DB
now im getting this
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Hi @danielarosenn

Can you show what you are trying to do…for null in db use dbNull.Value this ai how you give null values to columns in db

You have given some array or some indexed object where the start index is not apecified or is specified or returned as -1 or less than 0


Hey Anil,
thank for the fast response.
so i’ve been trying to upload it to the database and im not sure if my error is related to the empty values i have in the table or it is related to the index of the variables.
i’m adding the screenshot with the datatable that im trying to upload and the error that im getting.
thank you for your assistance!
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Hi @danielarosenn

Can you show the properties of the activity .

The error is not because of datatable data I believe. There is something that you are using as (index) something like this to choose a value from a array or list or collection. And that value that you are trying to give as index is less than zero.

Can you share the xaml or debug it to see which variable is throwing this error

Some variable is null or empty or you are trying to choose empty in some variable



It happens when some of the data is missing or have different datatype.

Can you share your code here.