Bulk Queue Items

If we are using bulk queue item and adding the datatable in a single queue item…
If I am iterating the datatable from queue… If the bot is stopped in between the iterating process, how can we process only the one which is not processed?

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Hope you are doing good
—Mostly it won’t fail especially while iterating
It may fail before or after iterating
Unless we use certain conditional process in between iteration it may fail but here we use bulk upload of queue item mostly it won’t fail
—But unfortunately if any such happens we can create a new queue with a new reference set to it so that we can identify the newly created queue with different reference (which differs the new one with the old one)

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I have a question here…
How can we guess that these item have been iterated and processed???

Hi @Sweety_Girl

See here:

There are different strategies on how it can be handled:


We can check with the status of the queue whether it is processed or not
If it’s processs the status will change to Processed
Or it will be in New

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While working in bulk queue item can we check?

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Yes of course
Once after adding the bulk queue use a set transaction status activity and next to that set a variable using assign activity like
Str_status = “Processed”
This can be used later for reference whether it got processed or not

For more info on using set transaction status

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Any disadvantage in using bulk queue item?

Hmm nothing in specific because I haven’t heard any such in using it
Because it just add collection of items from a specified DataTable to a specified queue in Orchestrator. Once added to the queue, the items’ statuses are changed to New .
Were you facing any issues
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