Bulk Import and Overwrite or Add Categories through API

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There should be option to overwrite Categories through CSV import which is currently only adding and also through API.
Also, Deleting Categories from Admin we should get pop if its already attached to Idea it should revert to 1 level up.

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Thank you for your feedback @devashish1989

I saved it in our tracker so that our Automation Hub team can have a look :slight_smile:

Hi @devashish1989 ,

We are going to release an API call for PUT categories, in order to address this need, in the month of May 2022.
We will not support categories update via csv import at this point.
When trying to delete a category, you are being prompted with a modal informing around the content attached to that category:

  • ideas
  • reusable components (for level 1 categories)
  • applications (for level 1 categories)
    We are considering improving by 2022.10 the behavior in case of deletion of categories, by enabling the user to reallocate all this content to another category, will address the need (versus automatically moving the content to 1 upper level). In the case of level 1 categories you are trying to delete, there is not level up to automatically reallocate the content.

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@devashish1989 : the API for editing the Categories was released in early May. Documentation here: Swagger UI

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