[Bulk Add Test Data Queue Items] Not supporting non-ASCII characters in headers

Hi guys,

Just found out that ascii characters are not supported by Test Queue activities. I believe that’s an omission because non-ASCII characters are supported by Normal queue activities.

Could you please take a look at it. In our Orchestrator 95% of folders and queues are set up in kana since there was no problem with non-ASCII up till now. It would be great if error could be patched before next Enterprise release.

Thanks for reporting it @GT_Ropa

Just to confirm, is this also happening to you on the latest 23.4.0-preview version of the Testing activity package?


I have tested the preview activites and unfortunately yes. If queue name has non-ascii characters, items are added. However if the folder path contains non-ascii the error occurs.

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Thank you. I can see that this issue was being worked on, but it probably missed the 23.4.0-preview release of the Testing package. The fix will most likely be present in the next version though.

EDIT. Actually, it made it in. So the Testing package 23.4.0 and higher fixes the issue.