Bulk Add Queue Items and Add Queue Item have different behavior regarding to String

They will all be unicode, so doesnt matter, all will get replaced if present…
Still if you think this activity can be better, you can post in the user ideas category and ask for a change, developers will take a look and see if can be improved.

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Here is two case where it’s not gonna work.
While the first one is quite unrealistic, the second one happend to me, where your code is gonna fail:

Here is the result (first line is what is store in the TransactionItem.SpecificContent) : image .

I guess i’ll try to add this in Request linking to this post as it’s documented if that’s ok ?

Thanks @Smixi and @bcorrea for discussing and working on it together. If possible, this could be a good update to orchestrator and some may be using special characters (e.g. french, spanish) to be queue items. If not, its just best to avoid all special characters in queue items and maybe map it in config files…


Anyway if wanted you guys can ask for an improvement HERE, developers love to hear our ideas!