Bulk Add Queue and read, write again excel

I am working on a demo project where I have to send the reports of the stock market to different clients. The company’s whose stock price they want are stored in different excel. I am collecting stock market data from [Moneycontrol.com ]

  • I have to create a queue to push the stock report data, my Bulk Add queue item is throwing an error, as a Badrequest, despite putting Datatable as a variable.
  • Read all excel, record each stock and write in excel as well
  • Send mail to all clients with their excels attached.

Somebody, please guide me. I appreciate it!
Thank you in advance!

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Hey @Vibhs_V,

That’s an interesting use-case.

  1. Bulk add queue items should follow the proper format and types to avoid errors. Please refer below.
  1. Read all the individual stock excel data into a datable. Use merge table to consolidate into a single table.
  1. Use mail activity based on your provider. The commonly used one is below.

You can also use outlook based activities as well.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Nithin so much! I will look into it!
My bulk add queue error is resolved as had to remove . from excel sheet.

I will let you know as when I can use your ideas:-))

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