Building selector problem

Hello Everyone,
Can any one help me out with building the selectors using below given steps.
I have tried building the selector but its not working.


  • The current selector identifies the element by price and is prone to malfunction, as this is the value we are looking for and changes every day.
  • To make the selector capable of finding the row that corresponds with any selected commodity, do the following:
    • Select the TR (Table Row) selector node, so as to include it in the selector. While this node is highlighted:
      • Include the aaname attribute and remove the css-selector attribute. The aaname attribute needs to be added because it contains an instance of the commodity name (the one we also receive from the user as a variable), and this is how we identify the row.

    • Click the Selector to edit it (if you are using UiPath Studio 2016.1, click Selector from the menu bar > Edit Manually).
      • Change the value of the aaname attribute of the TR selector to the following:
        • aaname=’ + selectedCommodity +
        • This looks for the commodity name (is inputted as a variable) and ignores extraneous data.
  • Now that the selector can identify the row of the commodity based on its name, the selector needs to identify the Last price column.

    • Click back on the SPAN selector node
      • Add the attribute colName and remove the aaname attribute.
  • The final selector can be found in the answers.


May I know what you want to achieve? Do you want to get all last price and get result in a table?

If you are using Studio 2016.1 you should update.

Hey @varma

You should update your Studio version to the latest… it has lot more easier and much advanced ways of getting selectors done…

Last price should popup with a message box

Hey @Lahiru.Fernando

I have the upated version of uipath but this is a practice question in the training part so i need to build the same.

Thank you.