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I am new to using DataTables in UiPath and trying to build a DataTable to tally up results basd on an “If condition”. I have the “If condition” logic completed but need help with adding a row to the DataTable with the results.

The workflow process is as follows:

  1. An email is read.
  2. The email content is reviewed against a set of keywords from an excel reference list (columns are: Keyword and Order Topic).
  3. If there is a match with the keyword, it adds a “Write line” (for debugging), grabs the Order Topic and I want it to add the Order Topic and a “1” to a new DataTable (Columns are: Order Topic, Result).
  4. When finished, sum up results and highest Order Topic will be the result. (Doesnt need to be answered in this post as I will be using instructions from a previous post)

I have been following this Youtube Tutorial from @AndersJensen but having no luck. Great tutorial but some user error I cant see.

The final DataTable with the successful match results should look something like:
Order Topic, Result
Food, 1
Food, 1
Food, 1
Stationery, 1
Stationery, 1

Reference Table attached - Topic Reference List.xlsx (16.2 KB)
Sample of customer example 1 (food).pdf (17.4 KB)
UiPath Main Attached.xaml (20.2 KB)

Thank you

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Hi Steven… you just need to move out your “Buid DataTable” outside the “For Each Row” activity as the datatable is being rebuilt with each iteration thus it ends up empty. I have attached the revised xaml file. I commented out my AddResult activities as yours works fine too. It’s just that we have different ways of doing things. You can also check it out for your reference.

UiPathMain_Rev.xaml (22.5 KB)


Thank you @avejr748


I appreciate the quick response.

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to help fellow RPA enthusiast

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