Building a datatable variable per row within a for each

Hello Guys.
I have created an automation that selects a column in an excel file, and goes for each cell in a check a page on the ineternet. I would like for each cell to store the result in a datatable in memory and only at the end write this new column with the results in an excel file in order to have better performances.
Because as of now each response for each cells is written in the excel file each time so it opens excel as many times as there are lines. could you help?
Thanks guy.

Hi @ibracadabra,

Frist build dataTable after that write forEachRow loop to save data row in database row by row.
It will improve the performance.

Thanks @lokendra I tried that but I have a format problem trying to do so, the data I want in the data table are string but it wont allow me to enter them in the datatable.

What error are u getting?

Did u checked whether the type of all the columns in build data table activity are set to string.If not,then it won’t allow to store string values.