BuildDataTable in UiPath.System.Activities 21.4 doesnt set column captions

Hello guys,

could you please take a look at this issue:
When editing any of the columns inside the Build table wizard with System activities 21.4, the column captions are explicitly set to blank (they were not cleared in 20.4 version)
example from XAML file:
<xs:element name=“ColName” msdata:Caption=“” type=“xs:string” minOccurs=“0” />

Is this by design or is it bug? I know i can use also ColumnName property, but we have already some older code which is accessing property Caption and now it is causing us problems

Hi @jan ,

Can you please share the screenshot, how it is coming for you?

Hi Manoj,

im not sure screenshot will be much helpful as there is nothing different inside UiPath studio. The only difference is in underlying xaml file where with version 21.4 the highlighted property Caption is set empty string and in 20.4 this property is omitted (looks like <xs:element name=“ColName” type=“xs:string” minOccurs=“0” />) hence the default column name is set to it.
You can easily spot the difference when you use log message/message box activity and try to display the caption of the column edited by the wizard (dtData.Columns(0).Caption)

The “caption” propperty is not editable anywhere in the BuildDataTable activity.
Therefore I suppose this is a breaking change of an undocumented activity behaviour.

As a workaround you could duplicate “ColumnName” to “Caption” to simulate the past behaviour.


thank you @J0ska, yes imho this is something that should be changed back to its original behavior in future package version so we dont need to perform additional steps to get the same results

Because using “caption” instead of “ColumnName” is a bit obscure I do not believe this change will be at top priority for UiPath :frowning:

Let’s ask @loginerror to record this request.


We never encourage to parse the xaml file directly. What is your uscase? Maybe we have an alternative.

The xaml can be changed any time and custom logic built on this can break.

I have not updated the xaml file, i just checked the underlying code to see what caused the issue. My only concern is that the Build Data Table wizard has different behavior between different versions.

Before it did not clear the caption property of DataColumn - Caption was by default matching the column name (did not update this property msdata:Caption=“”) which i think was the correct behavior. Right now the Caption is explicitly set to empty string which is causing issues when updating the package version and using the wizard.