" Build your first process with studio" issues

Hello everyone,

I would like to report a kind of issue that I am facing in the second Module of RPA Foundation training " Build your first process with studio". In the part of Check your understanding in one of the questions it gives the option to check one of the answers but when I choose one it says incorrect and provides many other answers like correct option.

Have a look on it please so we can improve it in case its a bug or smth like that.

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I think you didn’t understand the question.
Question is How can we convert string to double
Here question is not about to declare avarible of Double type.



This is the multiAnswer question…

That means we may have more than 1 answer similar to that question…

If we selected one right answer obviously the answer is wrong… Because we didn’t check all the correct answers…

Whenever we select all the correct answers the answer will be marked as correct…

In the above question we can covert the string to double in many ways

1. Cdbl(strVariable)
2. Double.Parse(strVariable)
3. Convert.ToDouble(StrVariable)


I chosed By using the Convert.toDouble method inside the Expression editor in Studio and it appears like one of the correct answers. My point is that it says: Chose one answer and I chose one and it says it is incorrect, it does not says: Chose all possible answers.


Yes, You were right…

The hint is not correct…

You can give the feedback here…


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