Build your first automation - Getting to know StudioX

Several things on the version of StudioX I downloaded wasn’t on the video so I was having to search and guess on what activities to use. Example I didn’t have an option on Get Text to Save Later for use. My Google Chrome kept getting debugged by the UiPath app. versopm 2022.4.3

It is really intuitive and a great step by step course. I would suggest however that you integrate a video player with the option of expanding to window. That way I can split the screen and have the tutorial on one side and the Studio on other and don’t need to switch between full screen video and the Studio. And the original size of video player is to small to be able to see.

I’m having issues running this automation at the “Send Email” step. I have also had the same issue when trying to automate the task of sending an email in another Use Case that I built. See below:

Can anyone help with this issue?

I had the same issue. Have you had any luck resolving this issue?

Hello, the lesson was easy to learn however I was unable to follow along because I could not download studio X in chrome or edge. I was receiving an error message. Other than that it seems very easy to use.

Glad to discover RPA new technology and also daily tasks automation will really help in business growth and employee satisfaction, reduce human repetitive tasks which are boring, I will enjoy more of automation for sure

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I had a great time building my first StudioX. Thanks UiPath for this intuitive and fun way to learn UiPath.