Build your first automation - Getting to know StudioX

How can I edit an activity, especially if you use “Type Into” or “Select Item” then clicked in the wrong box/field.

There is an option menu (3 horizontal lines) at the top right corner.
you click on it and select edit target.
Your browser will open again and the previously selected item may still be highlighted. So, you just need to bring your cursor on top the previously selected item and click on delete target.

Gostei muito de ter aprendido minha primeira automação, estou animada para os próximos passos!

Thanks to sir Michael for guiding us. My trouble before is the excel activities are not under the excel process scope. Unicorn Name is my first automation, at first it was hard but in familiarizing the function It went well.

I had some problems because, even following the video step by step, the version of Studio I installed is different from the one shown in the tutorial. For example I can’t retrieve saved variables by simply clicking on the “+” and the only way I could retrieve the unicorn name to include in the email was to insert the “Gmail action” directly into the google sheet stream.

The video is of good quality. The video is very easy to follow but what I missed was that you could provide more information about the changing activity.
Also, it is not possible to download resources with the “mozilla firefox” browser.

After completing RPA Developer Foundation, I completed this course. I definitely should have started here! This is the explanation of the basics I needed!

I enjoyed building my first automation. The steps were easy to follow and only had one issue (which was my fault, since I initially was paying attention to where I was dragging and dropping my actions in the workflow.)

I look forward to learning building more automations!

Very straightforward process for the first automation. I’m familiar enough with VBA coding that I’m excited to see something so user-friendly while also looking forward to more coding-based opportunities. I really like the versatility that this looks as though it will offer.

Great course and well explained so its easy to follow and develop the project with nice results along the lesson.


Rafael Ruiz
Lima Perú

when installing the downloaded packaged via Help-Stable, i cannot select Studio X, it goes directly to Studio. thus i cannot practice the exercise at all. and spent lot of time finding what’s wrong. it’s not a good experience for me actually.

This video seems to be outdated. You have to go to “Settings”, “License and Profile”, “Change Profile” and select StudioX. Hope it helps.

It was straightforward to use, but it would have been helpful to explicitly give the get Unicorn name web page address in the course text and indicate that you should load this page in your browser as it’s required for the build. ( Unless I missed it earlier in the video.)

I found the screens do not match the trial version I installed which made it very confusing. It was able to find the actions but the run did not work to send the email.

Error received:
Something went wrong with .
Activity Send Email(Send Mail X) failed:

Operation aborted (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004004 (E_ABORT))

You can find the activity by searching id (press Ctrl + J to jump to activity):

Press Retryto re-execute the activity.Press Skipto continue execution from the next activity.Press Stopto stop the execution of the process.