Build your first automation - Getting to know StudioX

Hi, content is really good and its just self help. Kudos to UiPath team!
However there is two query related to this project only:

  1. Mail saved in draft but when I change settings to send then I get “Project Run successfully” but actually no mail sent.
  2. When I put few more Names in input excel it won’t worked. I tried with Group & Repeat activities but not able to do it.
    Any help on this will be appreciated.
    Prem Kr (India)

Hi Prem. I’m also new to UiPath, just started today. I think you need a variable identifier to identify each of the rows and then use the for each command for setting the loop. That’s what Microsoft power automate uses, don’t know much about UiPath. Regards.

Thanks for your response! I will update after giving a attempt on this. thanks!

I have tried automating through Google workspace after trying the excel one and I got failed with installing GSuite packages. Please guide me out the possible error.

I’m just a beginner. But it took me like hours just testing and discovering things. Great resources!

yes I have the exact same question. The course only shows you how to build a robot that does 1 task for 1 name, but not for multiple names.

Course does not show how to get robot to do more than 1 cell / name in a long list of 100 names that need to be converted to unicorn names.

Hello! Not able to start first automation. I was doing video follow along in the lesson and received this error message when attempting to open task:
“Studio closed the active project due to a critical internal error. You may retry to open the project”

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Material is great, thanks

First time following the video to build and it feel slow. Seem like need a much better computer. The Studio install without asking for Admin password on workplace computer. Surprise! Then I was structed at the ‘Type into’ step that keep asking for repair Excel. Unable to continue.

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It was really fun learning this module and seeing the possibilities for getting stuck in and being able to deliver value to clients straight away, At the same time, I could see how my kids would have a blast abusing this technology to spam their friends, so as the old adage goes “With great power comes great responsibility.” Looking forward to the next chapter.

Hello. This videos are really helpful but “save value for later use” button is not available in the latest version.

Actually it is available under a different name.
Check out for save as variable

I had the same problem - neither “save value for later use” nor “save as variable” are available. I opted to use “Copy to Clipboard”.

For the Microsoft learning stream, I do not have the Save for Later option. I bypassed this by saving the Unicorn Name to the notebook scratch pad and then linking that same file in the Outlook section. Also, for Outlook, I had to use the Outlook 365 and not the Outlook app. Further, Microsoft Edge did not work for this exercise and I had to use Google Chrome.

My bad!
That’s create variable.
If that option is still not available, you can click on New from Data Manager and select New Variable. You give it a name and define it to hold your value.
Hope that helps.

This was a great lesson. It was well structured and easy to follow. I enjoyed doing both the Excel and the G Suite.

I was able to use Edge. Make sure you have the Edge Extension installed and that you also have opened Edge and enabled the plugin.

You also have to make sure you have Outlook installed and not Outlook 365. I ended up using 365 because I realized it was not the same but I did not want to have both installed.