Build your first automation - First Automation using Microsoft Office

I´d like too much this first step, however I believe this course should be updated with the new version of UiPath Studio, because some parts of my UiPath are not similar with some parts of the course. As an example, in Text to Left/Right a had to create variables for FileName and FileExtension.

I had a difficult time following the project due to the ACME website not loading with the content. The program used in the video did not align with the UiPath software that is on my computer. Due to not having the email content, I was not able to complete the automation project.

I can’t access to the link for the ‘second’ automation ( It gives me an application error. If i try to click on diagnostic resources it eventually gives me a log in problem.

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This was a great course. Thank you so much. The only problem I had encountered was on the second part of using automation with Microsoft excel. The website link stopped working.
When clicked it said Application error.

Same problem here. I know it was working a few days ago and then today it stopped working.

Checked just now, still not working. I read yesterday they are having some technical issue.

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The website is back online! :grinning:

Thanks for your patience and we’re sorry it was down for so long.

al principio no explican bien la relacion que tiene el correo electronico con el Studiox la parte en que sleccionan la carpeta de first automation personalmente me costo entender esa parte de hecho segui y termine el trabajo sin seleccionar dicha carpeta pues seleccione la carpeta donde me llegaron los correos (bandeja de entrada) de resto todo fue muy sencillo y practico

Hello, I am stuck at point I’m unable to save the discount code into the excel file
It shows as no options found