Build Datatable using String Variable


How to build data table
I have for each row in that i m reading every mail and storing it in a string variable
Now how do I enter this data in the datatable.

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Depending on what data you have when you are reading the mail and how it is structured.

If it is stored within one string variable that is delimited, you can use generate data table activity :slight_smile:

If not , simply try building a blank datatable with the relevant columns, then break out your string variable into an array and use add data row activity.

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How to break the string into an array

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To break a string into an array, you got to split the string by a delimiter. This could be a , comma, any special character or anything… Splitting will break the string into a string array. If you are to split by a comma, below is the command

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I attached sample workflow.go through that hope it helpsMain (1).xaml (15.2 KB)

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