Build datatable to new sheet


Is it possible if:
i use build datatable, manually add in three column names which is Column B, D and E
maybe lets say if row(“Column B”).ToString = “Y”,
then append specific data row and update column E to new.
expected output would be:
Column B | Column D | Column E
Y | 3 | new
Y | 4 | new

You could first filter your data table using the “Filter Data Table” Activity - i.e. if “Column B” contains “Y”. As an output of your activity, choose either the same Datatable-Variable or define a new one (i.e. DT_Filtered). Next, you add a “Write Range” Activity to your Workflow where you choose your Target-Worksheet in the Excel File. (If Sheet does not exist yet, don’t worry - it will be created by the Activity!)

edit: To have only certains columns (i.e. B, D and E), use the “Filter Data Table” Activity as well, this time state which Columns you’d like to keep. (Alternatively, you could remove Columns using the “Remove Data Column” Activity.

As a sidenote: You could insert both “Column Name” and the Value (i.e. “Y”) as Variables, to make your workflow more dynamic.

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