Build DataTable from Queue

Hi guys, I need some help. It’s my first time here. I Would like make a DT from queue for filter items, but I don’t know how do it. My queue have 5 items but only I need 3.


I use reframework.

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have a look Orchestrator Api or Get Queue Items Acitvity

Maybe filtering can be done directly without the need of datatable. If DataTable is needed, then it can be created with the input retruned from above.

Also take a note on this:

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I can’t use export because I need change items status from queue. If u can help me for do an excel document or virtual DT…

I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Export was the third option, so check out which one from first two options will better fit to your needs. We would sugget that you start exploring the Get Queue Items activity in case of less development experience.

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Use Get Queue Item activity and set Top field with 3 to pick first 3 items from the queue.

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