Build data table for putting the condition

I used Build data table and I want to give the If condition in that i have to use column contain (N/R) then write those values in other sheet . how it is possible
How I can put the condition in if statement

Hi @dhanashree22

We can achieve it through filter datatable or Method!

Use Assign NewDt=BuilDt.Select("[yourColumnName] = ‘N/A’").copyToDatatable

Or Filtedatatable “ColumnName” Contains “N/A”

then write Range


I want pick up those column only who have N/R in their heading . so I want those heading and their down values also.

Hi @dhanashree22

Its possible share the screen shot of the input file you re using hiding the sensitive information!


Hi @dhanashree22 ,

Follow the below steps,

  1. Read the excel file (Excel_DT).
  2. Create a variable of type array of string.
    Var_Column = {“Column_Name”}
    3.Create a variable of type datatable.
    Var_Datatable = new DataView(Excel_DT).ToTable(false,Var_Column)

And write the datatable to the required sheet.