Build data table and need help to advice regarding sum by column ang group by customer

Hi RPA developer,
I have an issue regarding build data table and need your help to advice regarding sum by column and group by customer.
Let say I have multiple customer and need to split then group by customer too.
After that I need to sum the value by column with expected as sheet name “Expected resulte” .

I have attachments workflow and data source to ref.
Current the result


11_SUMGLR2021Apr.xlsx (20.9 KB) SamPleflowSumAndGroupBy.xaml (51.3 KB)
Thank you in advance

This flow not working because value inside the column include null and zero value.
Finally I found the way to fix an issue for this flow. Now working fine.

The solution I have to add read range for each some value and use filter data table and keep column needed is not empty.

Thank you

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