Build data if Type info 'INPUT' is true

hello guys,

I have an array of rows in my data table (Seq4DT) and one of the column called “Supplier_Code” has matching data in SharePoint.

Now, I’d like to build a new data table if the data in “Supplier_Code” from Seq4DT is matching with the data already registered in SharePoint Library.

Main.xaml (16.7 KB)

Here is my studio draft.

Actually when I use Get Row Item activity & Type into ‘INPUT’ & Message box, I got all the “Supplier_Code” that are matching, however i don’t know make an input of the data into a new data table.

** please mind that the attached draft has many other sequences and i just attached the one that is related to this topic.

I built the code similar to your situation, but there are no errors.
It would be helpful to explain the problem a little in detail.
(For example, there is missing data in seq5dt, or an exception occurs in Add Data Row)

Main.xaml (12.3 KB)