Build bots independently

I work in an environment with internal, sensitive web applications (WebApps).

  • There are no development/test versions of the WebApps
  • A generic “bot” account cannot be created to authenticate into the WebApps
  • Users cannot share their credentials with me

Because of these restrictions, I have to work closely with the users in order to build the bots.

  • Users sit with me
  • Users walks through the process on my laptop
  • I capture the selectors as they progresses through the pages
  • and etc.

I’m thinking there must be a tool where I can take a replica of the site (at least the bare minimum web pages) so that I can work independently.

Indeed, for the final phase of testing I can work with the user to confirm it works end-to-end.

Is anyone aware of a tool that can help me do this?

I’m looking for something similar to UiPath Explorer Expert, except the tool would save an entire, offline copy of the DOM/HTML for the pages we touch so that I can pull them up at a later time to build the bot against them.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance

hi @remo0033 Welcome to UIPATH Community

yes , there is an option you can use recording option in order to track your users task
strat your recording and ask users to do there task on your pc by each process , then you can record
recording guide lines below


Thanks for the suggestion.

The recorder and Explorer Expert can certainly assist in helping to build the workflow, but they may not automatically pick optimal selectors.

I’m looking for something that will cache a copy of the entire HTML/DOM of all the web pages I’ve touched so that I can go back and optimize the workflow, without having the user present or having the live production application available.

That only would make sense if this web application is static, but i guess it would be dynamic with back-end and probably a database that could not be copied… if it is static, than you could save them your self using the browser save-as feature, page by page…