Build a Instagram Follower

Good evening lovely community,

i am trying to build a instagram follower but i stuck and i have no idea what i can do to make the things work.
My idea is to use build a robot which clicks on the first follow button then on the second and so on… i can’t work with the usual dynamic selectors because the idx is changing random… so i tried to work with the coordinates X Y. My idea is to get the first position = first follow button X Y and then reduce or increase the value for the X Y coordinates to click on the second, third… follow button… but i can’t get the right cordinates! My resolution is: 1920 x 1080 and in my understanding i have to add some values for X Y when i use the property “Position: Center” (ACTIVITY: CLICK) because it means that i am starting from the middle position of my screen? but it makes no sense… because i receive the coordinates X = 1135 and Y = 322

anyone have an idea what i can do or what is wrong in the way how i see this problem??

Thank you so much for your help!

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here is my screenshot of my settings of click acitivity

I think you can use wild card on idx
or try find children and set the scope to “FIND_DESCENDANTS”

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hello josephivann, with dynamic selectors i have meant that i tried to use wild cards for the idx parameter but they are random generated so there is no constant order like idx=1,2,3,4,5,6 it’s totally mixed up like 1,2,3,6,4. I think to work with the cordinates is the best way for me to solve this problem. i mean i just have to find up how the coordinates determinted and how to use them right. Have anyone experiece with anything similiar?

Did you sort out the issue I have the same problem. I can use idx but it not scrolling to that position.

You should avoid idx in selectors. You should be able to create a selector that gets what you want without using idx. Open Ui Explorer, click one of the buttons, and show us a screenshot of the Ui Explorer window.