Build-a-Bot Training

Hi Guys,
Need your help. Im new to RPA and trying to build learn it through your online academy.
Currently I m on Built-a-Bot training and have downloaded the free version of UIpath Studio Version 2019.11.0-beta.2
I have notice the layout of this version is totally different than what is in the training videos. I understand that it might be the videos has been recorded earlier and the version have been updated since then but i am unable to do simple task like getting the number from Romanian ID which is in the training.
The Activity GET OCR Text is not showing up in the above version. The only thing that is showing is OmniPage OCR which is a bit different and I am unable to perform the task.
Can you please help if I have doing something wrong. I need to learn it ASAP as I have to automate some process in my work which will help me.
Hope to get a quick response.

Hey there
I have the same problem. Have you able to resolve it. Please share the solution with me