Bugs when using "Vertical Tab Group"

Hello! In Studio 2020.10.4 I have experiences several bugs when using vertical tab groups. (The function which opens two .xaml docs side by side).

Say I have two documents open: A.xaml and B.xaml. Sometimes, when I want to insert (for example) an empty seqence to document B, it gets quite funky:

Instead of doing something with document B (which I have clearly selected), Studio deletes everything (!!) in document A and replaces this with the empty sequence.

When I close one of the documents it works properly again.

I fear that this is the reason for another bug I have quite often experienced: where the collection of arguments is not the same as the list of arguments (the list which you can see in an invoke workflow).

So: there are definetly some weird bugs with vertical tab groups. Something gets wrong, sometimes, when saving the document(s).

Could you please provide snapshot of your requirement?

Well you can not take a photo of this :laughing: it is a bug in Studio where the workflows are not saved properly. When they are open next to each other. Here is an illustration: