Bugged out

Hey all,

Got a weird one involving an Invoked workflow and the data being retrieved. This issue only started today (has been working for a YEAR with no issues) and i cant debug it so am turning to you wonderful people!

Here is the READ PDF text from a file (relevant part anyways):

Total Cost
(inc GST)
INV DATE: 15/05/2020
INV DUE: 30/06/2020
Deliver To:

Here is the string split i am using to get the invoice number (413671):
VARIABLE.ToString.Split({"TAX INVOICE NO : "},2,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(1).Split({vbCrLf},2,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(0).Trim

One of my workflows Invoke file outputs this: 413671
The other workflow outputs this: 413671 INV DUE: 30/06/2020

I have been using both workflows for almost a YEAR now and this problem only happened this morning. I have used WRITE LINE directly after the string manipulation assign and get the same, DIFFERENT result from each workflow that uses the invoke…there are no other commands/activities between the string manipulation and the write line…so i am at a lose to figure it…

Does anyone know of a bug that would be causing this?



Are you sure you have the same string from ReadPdf on each workflow? It seems the pdf flow is different.

By the way, you can extract your taxt invoice number like bellow: