Bug with 1 char variable names as InArgument of type char

August 09, 2016 15:57 ANSWERED
Hi all,

There is a (serialization to file? xaml generation?) bug when using variables with 1 character as a name and the type expected being Char - instead of variable value, it takes the variable name as a literal, due to the way it’s saved to xaml.

See below example to replicate:

I’ve found 2 workarounds:

  1. Use a different variable name - obviously, but foreach char c in someString is the most commonly used.

  2. Modify the xaml (Note: Might get reversed if you modify it later, so not recommended, but still works):

Find the line with the argument (in this example it was c)
Put the variable name in square brackets ( [c] ) to indicate it’s not a literal.

Figured I’ll share it here, as it’s both a HowTo and a bug.