Bug while using functionality "Test Activity" with C#

Hello everyone,

Recently, my team and I discovered what could be a possible bug when trying to use the “Test Activity” functionality in Studio.

The scenario occurs when there is a Dictionary variable within the stream that you want to test. As soon as you press play, the following error occurs:

We found a solution for this, which is to instantiate the dictionary.

But we assume that Studio should not throw an error if the variable is not instantiated, because when creating a project in VB.Net it is possible to use the “Test Activity” without instantiating all the variables in the dictionary.

We also thought that this error could be connected with the “internal construction” of dictionaries by Studio, since the same character that appears in the error, appears when building a DT with dictionary variable in it:

Hope can help.

Thank you for reporting this. Will try to resolve this behaviour in one of the following releases.

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