Bug: when multiple UiStudios open, 1 is running, 1 want to be run, run button stucks forever


  1. Open 2 UiPath Studio at the same time
  2. Run one of them
  3. Now try to run the other, now you get an error message saying that there is already one running, ok!
  4. But now that UiPath Studio is stuck, you cannot run it anymore because it’s now hidden or removed… a restart of UiPath Studio is needed


Hi @kwoxer

This is the expected behavior. You cannot run multiple processes at the same time through the studio. You can only run multiple processes simultaneously when those processes are background processes. If the processes are foreground processes, then you can run only one process at a time.

Sorry but you did not carefully read my text. It’s not about that behavior. Sure you only can run one single process.

But You need to restart the 2nd UiPath Studio (even though the first process is finished within). Please read again my STRs. Thanks.