Bug report: Publishing removes dependency to library containing Object Repository elements

I believe I uncovered a bug in Studio 2022.10.5. When you publish a project, it automatically removes unused dependencies. For the purpose of that action, Studio doesn’t consider a package a dependency if the only thing you use from that package are Object Repository descriptors.

To make sure it wasn’t just a project issue, I created new projects as follows…

To reproduce the bug:

  • Create a library project. In the Object Repository panel, create an application, create a screen below that, and create an element below that. For example, I created a “Google.com” application, a “homepage” screen, and a “about link” element. Publish the library to a local folder.
  • Create another library project. Click “Manage Packages” and choose to install the first project you made as a dependency. Create a workflow. Add an activity to the workflow that uses the element you made in the Object Repository. For example, I created a Click activity within a Use Browser activity, and then I dragged the “about link” element from the Object Repository onto the click activity.
  • In the Project panel, look at dependencies. You’ll see the first library you made as a dependency. Publish the second library project. When you do so, the dependency to the first library is removed.

My system info:
Studio 2022.10.5 - 1/31/2023
Enterprise License
Per-user Installation

License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

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Some extra info that might help debug this:

Screenshot of dependencies before publishing the second library:

Screenshot of dependencies after publishing the second library:

Screenshot of the object repository in the first library:

Screenshot of the workflow in the second library (note how the icon in the Click activity shows that it references the object repository):

Screenshot of the click activity after publishing the second library (note how the object repository icon is now greyed out, the link no longer exists):

I’m having the same issue! I made a library that uses Invoke Code to parse .yaml config files, and when publishing the project Studio removes YamlDotNet dependency, which is kind of important, ha.

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I found a workaround, if you need it: Make a workflow in the object repository project that doesn’t do anything (just an empty sequence). I made one called “Ensure Dependency” and added a comment explaining the situation. Then use that workflow in your other project. You don’t even need to put it in any of your core workflows, just make another workflow (again called “Ensure Dependency” in my case) and add the activity you made earlier.

That’s a good idea, thanks! I ended up spending a day learning how to create my library with C# and Visual Studio…

It’s been a year since this bug was reported. Has any official UiPath rep acknowledged it? Or better yet, is it fixed?
I guess I’ll have to try it out and see.

I haven’t gotten any reply from UiPath, no. And I haven’t tested whether it’s been fixed.

You did remember to uncheck this right…?

Regarding a reply from UiPath, did you log a ticket with their support?