Bug report: Library tooltips and help link unable to edit/add in

Hi All,

Unsure anyone else have post this or this is already known issue, I have tried edit previous created library workflow by edit/add tool tips and help link, it wouldn’t update and save the new values.
This happened when I use the studio version, but when I use the studio version, this issue doesn’t happen and I was able to edit/add them and saved it successfully.

Does this happen to any other people?

Is this a bug or something else?

Any information from UiPath developer and other people who experiences the same issue will be helpful.



Hi @Allenliaw

Thank you for reporting this bug, we’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Cheers @loginerror

Thank you for looking into it and sorry for super late response.

Much appreciate.

The fix for this one will be released with 2019.8 :slight_smile:

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