Bug report: Build Data Table - No button for Add Row

I was working with Build Data Table activity on UiPath 2019.7 Studio Community Edition and I came across this issue. It is not possible for me to add a row if by chance I missed to estimate the number of rows in my data table.
Just like we have an Add Column, I guess there must also be an Add Row button in addition to the Remove Row cross button.

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hi @rpaprads

Click on the row and press enter key

Ashwin S

yah we have got actually
we can use ADD DATA ROW activity where in the datatable property mention the datatable name
and in the datarow property mention as yourdatatablename.NewRow this will add new row to the end of the datatable

Cheers @rpaprads

@rpaprads if click enter on last row not working give a try on click in last row cell and enter an tab