Bug Report #2 : For each Attributes are missing

Dear @UiPath

Tools: UiPath Studio 23.4.1
Dependenceis : UiPath.System.Activities : 23.4.2
I found a Bug on For Each Activities where there are missing attributes. please see the picture below:

Downgrade to 22.10.5v or lower



I believe in most of the modern activities whatever items are shown directly on the activity are not shown in the properties panel


unfortunately for each activities is belong to UiPath.system.Activities.

see below picture after I downgrade it to lower version


May be let me give an example

even here the Queuename and Orchestrator folder are missing…in the latest activities whatever are there on activity card are not present on the properties panel

Hope this helps


thanks for your feedback but that is not help because not according to this doc https://docs.uipath.com/activities/other/latest/user-guide/for-each


Okay now I see it…you are looking for max iteration option missing basically…


Hi @irahmat

I believe System 23.6.0 brought it back :slight_smile: