BUG: Queue Item Postponed but Status = Successful?

EDIT: Screenshot added, Bug replicated successfully. Postponed Queue Item is showing up as status New in Orchestrator, however returning as Successful immediately after it is postponed instead of New.


Hi, I think I encountered a rather strange error and think it is likely a bug.

I have a process whereby I will postpone the queue item to a later time to process. However in the midst of wrapping up the process after postponing the queue item, some error occurred and thus it went into the catch.

In catch, I will then usually set the queue item status as Failed so that it would capture the error and trigger the queue item to retry, however I encountered an error: This queue item has not been processed yet. Error code: 1852.

So upon checking logs, I found that the status was showing up as Successful even when the queue item status is actually New.

Could anyone replicate this?

I’m running enterprise Orchestrator 2021.10

Hello @ryuseihime ,

It would be better if you can run the process in a debug mode, maybe stepinto and validate each step. Check whether the flow is moving as expected. I think the excpetion is not captured properly and its setting status as Success.

I have replicated the issue and confirmed that, Postponed Queue Items returns status as Successful instead of New but it is showing as New in Orchestrator, see my screenshots below: