Bug Microsoft OCR

I have a interesting bugg. Let’s say we have 2 pdfs( pdf1 and pdf2).
If I extract the data with OCR- Microsoft for pdf1 i have a result. If i extract data first from pdf2 and after for pdf1, i have a diferent result for pdf1.

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Hmm this is something interesting
may i know how you get like it differs
Cheers @Dragos_Cioata

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Well, the extracted text contains the same information, but the position of the information is different.
I did not observe a particular rule.

well thats common in OCR or with the speed of the process been executed
but it will be same when we are trying to extract a specific details with string manipulation from either of the output
thats common buddy, no need to worry on it, and when we are using a similar string manipulation expression you can get the same output from both the text obtained from their pdf’s

Cheers @Dragos_Cioata

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