Bug in UIPath Assistant 2023.4.0 - blank, modal dialog appears after process is run

Since upgrading to 2023.4.0, in UiPath Assistant, when running a process, the process runs successfully, but a blank, modal dialog appears. Nothing can be clicked outside this dialog, forcing me to close the UiPath Assistant.

In addition, after the blank dialog appears, the CPU usage of UiPath assistant is high, and will remain high until the application task is terminated via Task Manager. Upon restart of UiPath Assistant, all is normal until the next time a process is ran in UiPath Assistant.

Here are the things I’ve done to try to fix issue, but these have not worked:

  • Completely uninstall and re-install latest UiPath Community edition 2023.4
  • Delete published processes, republish processes from latest UiPath Studio 2023.4.0-beta.12241

I am also having the same issue

Hi @hansanaw,

When do you get this error? After you run the process?


Immediately after running the process. Process is starting but the dialogue box remains. wen can only close it using the task manager killing the assistance. When this dialogue box appear. CPU usage is also going up

In my case the bug appeared to be related to having a custom Windows PowerShell profile for my user. Once I disabled the custom PowerShell profile, the dialog went away.

Hi @hansanaw,

Do you still have this issue? Your process uses Forms?


Hi yes after the UI Path update there is a visible error message.
This message coming for all the automations.

No I don’t use forms

Can you send me in DM the diagnostic tool results? And, if it’s possible, also an example of a process that generates this error?


sent through the message


We resolved this issue in 23.4.8 and 23.10.5

Please check the release notes for 23.4.8 and 23.10.5:

Thank you!

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