Bug in the form activites

i am building a form using forms activity version 1.8.0 ,when i tried to show pdf in the "html content "layout using this

it creates a frame but doesn't show pdf , but when i change the "refresh on change" property it shows pdf and changes on every time , when i enter something in the text fields

Main.xaml (12.4 KB)

@Ashish_Parjapati Please try this:

  1. Create a hidden & disabled field for the field key pdf.
  2. Uncheck ‘Refresh On Change’ in the HTML component where you wish to display the PDF. This is a known issue with this setting.
  3. Try ‘Edit JSON’ for the html component and set the ‘refreshOn’ property instead to pdf

Something like this:

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Thanks sir !! for your help. But buddy can you explain me this a little bit, like how this functionality works , and also want to know , how to perform clicks and other fun. in this html content.
and i tried out other tags like “embed” and “objects” they didn’t worked well in this. Is it a compatibility issue?

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