BUG in Table Cell Scope if German Studio is used for option "First empty row"

Good day,

by using Table Scopy activity you can choose different options for the “Row Number”, e.g. “First empty Row” which is in a German Studio “Erste leere Zeile”.

By publishing such a process (containing default options like above in GER), this will lead to validation errors on EN orchestrator/ EN unattanded robot. I guess there is a BUG due to forgotten translation behind the default options in this.

Here is a screenshot after opening the workflow with an EN Studio:

@Senseo929 can you please share the workflow for us to identify the error easier?

Thanks for your reply. Didn’t get any notification about this.

I will share the workflow asap next monday for further investigations. Thanks!

Hi there,

old problem but we ran in the same problem recently.

Like you said, it seems the problem is a forgotten translation.

This fixed is for us:
Change the language in the robos UiPath Assisstant preferences to the same as in the studio (for us english).

Hope this helps anyone with the problem.

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