Bug in Excel Write Cell

When I use “UiPath.Excel.Activities.WriteCell” in a workbook it changes the file somehow because when I import the file into another program later it doesn’t recognise the sheet name.
Error: “Sheet Names” is 0 length.

As a workaround for my project I used Write range instead, which worked fine.


Check your file name and sheet name is you passed correct or not.

It writes to the file so everything is correct.
The problem is the file gets corrupted somehow, so it’s not usable in another program.

Hi Ferdinand, I’ve tried to replicate this and I wasn’t able to get the same error. I have a few follow up questions:

  • Would it be possible to share with us a list of steps in order for us to reproduce this?
  • Are there any particular things regarding the Excel sheet or its name?
  • Does this happen with other excel files?

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