Bug: Fix the forced reload of all tabs on addon install

I installed the addon for UiPath. This should install just like any other addon. Not force a reload of ALL tabs present on the browser. I had about 80 different tabs open and it simply forced a restart of all tabs. I lost important data on several sites.

This kind of forced restart is *** behavior. What kind of an *** put in this horrible behavior? Please fix this bug immediately and thank you for destroying my data.

thank you my issue has been solved

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Thank you for your feedback. I registered it in our tracker and our team will evaluate how we can improve the plugin installation process.

@AlexanderMason, the browser restart/tabs reload is required by Chrome to load the extension and make it available in the already opened tabs.

We will implement a notice message that will make the user aware of this behaviour and take conscious actions further.

Thanks for your feedback.

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