Bug Fix on existing code

Hi, There is an existing code which extracts an information like NAME,EMAIL,CONTACT NO from intranet web page. My user requirements is the intranet web page changed the NAME as Inv Verifiers Name" and EMAIL changed to Inv Verifier Email , CONTACT NO Changed to Inv Verifier Contact. When I opened the existing code I found that under one recording sequence “Email” informations are captured thru Google OCR Text (GETOCRTEXT)Option. There I saw some web page screenshot which showed the EMAIL . I have used “Change Informative Screenshot” option to capture the new screenshot which shows " Inv Verifier Email “. And Now the properties Window, Under Common, Display Name : Get OCR text"Email” is showing earlier…Do I need to change to “Inv Verifier Email”? Please let me know. I m not sure my fix will work or not? Also I m not sure where to check the remaining columns “NAME”, “CONTACT NO”.Hope it will be in next recording sequence.
Team Please assist.

Display names are to understand what the activity or sequence doing.
If you change or do not change the Display name, it will not impact the workflow.

But I recommend to change the display for readability. So others can understand what activity does.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik, So I believe the way I did (replace the screenshot) is correct? Does that fix my issues?
Under Output properties : Text shows as gEmail, Do I need to change that also? Please share your thoughts

Not required to change.
Your process works fine.

In case of any issue, please let me know.

Karthik Byggari

thanks Karthik, Its working

Hello Karthik,

the new screenshot which I have taken yesterday and saved as new version main file. Now that new version is not showing the new screenshot. not sure why? but I can find that new screenshot under .screenshot folder…please tell me what to do next

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