Bug Fix Bingo

Some of us may well have been part of formal software testing cycles.

Many years ago one of my teams compiled a bingo with the most common answers/excuses Developers would reply with.

It works on my Machine
It worked yesterday!
It’s never done that before.
That’s weird.
Where were you when the program blew up
Why do you want to do it that way
You can’t use that version on your System
Even though it doesn’t work how does it feel
Did you check for a Virus on your System
Somebody must have changed my code
It works, but it hasn’t been tested
THIS can’t be the source of that
I can’t test everything
It’s just some unlucky coincidence
You must have the wrong version
I haven’t touched that module in weeks.
There is something funky in your data.
What did you Type in to get it to crash?
It must be a hardware problem.
How is that possible?
That’s scheduled to be fixed in the next release.
Yes, we knew that would happen.
Maybe we just don’t support that platform.
It’s a Feature we just haven’t updated the specs.
Surely Nobody is going to use the program like that.

So to play the game it’s simple just reload the spreadsheet a few times and print them out.

The lesson to learn here is that testing consistently can be as important as making the fancy automation activities.

everybody-loves-bug-fix-bingo.xlsx (16.5 KB)


It’s hilarious to peep at the list of usual responses from devs, but it also shows how important it is to do thorough testing to guarantee that everything is on point.