[BUG] Extract Data from html table the selector attribute 'colName' is ignored


when extract data from html table (for exmaple from HTML Tables) when one want to use the attribute ‘colName’ (instead of the default one ‘idx’) to get specific columns, the selector is ignored and the activity will always takes the first column (like idx=‘1’).

example metadata configuration:

	<row exact='1'>
		<webctrl tag='tr' />
	<column exact='1' name='Contact' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='tr' />
		<webctrl tag='td' colName='Contact' />
	<column exact='1' name='Country' attr='text'>
		<webctrl tag='tr' />
		<webctrl tag='td' colName='Country' />

I’m using Studio v2022.10.4 and tried it in FireFox and MS Edge.